Wolf sophia travel zip case

Cikkszám: 392212 Kategória:
Hosszúság: 180 mm
Szélesség: 127 mm
Magasság: 66 mm

Where classic meets contemporary, function meets fashion, Sophia’s Travel Zip Case is designed to protect jewellery on-the-go. Available in sweet neutrals and rich colorways inspired by the natural world, Sophia pops on your dresser or in your travel bag. Wrapped in leather and lined with our patented LusterLoc™, this case is essential to elegantly protect and prevent jewellery from tarnishing for up to 35 years.

58.000 Ft
53.940 Ft


Termék leírás

  • Storage: 1 bracelet compartment with charm well, 3 open compartments, 3 ring rolls
  • LusterLoc™: Allows the fabric lining the inside of your jewellery cases to absorb the hostile gases known to cause tarnishing. Under typical storage conditions, it can prevent tarnishing for up to 35 years.

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Méretek 180 × 127 × 66 mm
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